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Our Bakery

"I don't remember a time in my life when I couldn't bake.  It's always been a part of me - and who I am."

 Melissa Massie

Founder & Operator of Savors Home Bakery

After spending the previous ten years living overseas, the Massie Family settled in Ohio in August of 2020.  "The first season back in the States was pretty stressful for us as a family" says Ms. Massie.  "How did I respond to the stress?  I baked."  And baked she did.

"Our first Christmas in Ohio, I baked so much my family just couldn't consume all I made!"  In an entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Massie turned to Facebook Marketplace to sell her extra treats.  Within a month, and with the encouragement of her husband - and all those who enjoyed her delicious desserts - Savors Home Bakery was born. 

Savors-9 Resized.jpg
Melissa Massie

"I always love watching someone take the first bite of one of my treats, watching for the moment when they realize the gloriousness of what they just put in their mouth. " 

So many people have partaken of her decadent macarons, cookies, and other desserts that at this point, she has lost count.  "I've done some pretty huge festivals and had long lines for people waiting to get their hands on these treats."  Even so, she doesn't lose sight of the key element of her craft - using fresh ingredients combined carefully, baked to perfection, with a passion for only the highest quality product for all to enjoy.    

For now, Ms. Massie will continue to operate Savors Home Bakery from where her heart is firmly fixed - Home.  "Maybe one day, I'll think about opening a storefront.  For now, I'll enjoy being able to stay home with my husband and children which allows me to pursue my personal passion - all these delicious treats which I hope everyone enjoys!"



Stewart Road

Lima, OH  45801

Business Hours

Monday - Friday:



9 AM to 6 PM

8 AM to 5 PM



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