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The Baking Contract

(AKA 'Terms & Conditions')

You pay, I bake.

Payment is required up front so I can source your quality ingredients and perfect packaging.  Your payment reserves your pickup date too, so it's a win-win for everyone.

Delivery Clause

All orders are pick-up only.  It is more than okay to make an order and request to pick it up at an already scheduled event (such as a farmers market or vendor show).  Delivery and meeting halfway can be an option if you live within 10 miles of the pickup location, for an extra fee of $15. I always love a good drive - bonus if that drive is past a great coffee shop!

Illness Care

We know that you can't control when you get sick and we want to work with you.  Need to reschedule your event?  Get in touch with us asap so we can put your order on pause and you can stay at home and rest.

Eenie Meenie Order Minimums

That didn't rhyme but I'm a baker, not a poet. I require a minimum order of 1 dozen.  You can follow my Instagram account to see which markets I'll be at when you can request to have certain favorites for your own pickup. 

It's all yours now!

Once you pick up your order (thanks again btw!) what happens to your goodies is all on you!  Keep them cool, keep them safe, and keep them away from the parking lot car returns.

No Show = No Goodies

 These  are best enjoyed fresh, not showing up to the agreed upon pick-up time forfeits your order.  But take heart - we will donate your order to a family in need.  Need to reschedule your order?  Awesome!  Reach out 2 days before your pick up time!

Pickup Dates and Times

Pickup times are set upon ordering.  This is because other customers need their cookie fix too.  We have carefully curated the calendar around these times so put that pickup time in your calendar.

In a hurry?

While I can't accommodate last minute orders all the time, I will make my best effort to.  Orders made with a turnaround time of under 7 days will require a rush fee of $25.

Ship Shape

I would love to be able to get my wonderful goodies into the hands of everyone around the world.  Though I am licensed to be able to ship, the process of getting those ships to ship shape is a pricey hassle, not worth our ship.  But feel free to make an order if you're planning to pass through this way!

Pay Means Yay!

Once you have submitted your awesome payment for your awesome order because you're awesome, you are accepting the above terms, which is awesome, because my baked goods are awesome, so awesome.


I can offer refunds up to 24 hours after payment is accepted.  Unfortunately after that I cannot offer a refund as the money has already been used to purchase the ingredients for your order.  But the good news is, you get goodies!!

Cutout Cookies?

At this point in time, Savors does not do sugar cookie cutouts.  However, if you're looking for someone, we've got a list of people we can recommend!

Price adjustments

All prices are subject to change.  Prices are often dictated by the ingredients cost.  I'm always trying to provide the best tasting goodies to my clients. This means I can't always honor old pricing because the grocery store won't honor their flour prices, dang it!

Licensed Home Bakery Law

This has been made in a home kitchen, inspected by the Allen County Health Department.  Our kitchen is not egg free, nut free, dairy free, or gluten free.  Boring disclaimer, but we have to say it per the law. *tips cowboy hat, shakes sheriff pin.*

Ask Questions

Did we miss something?

Is there something else you'd like to know about?

Well, we aren't mind readers, so please feel free to ask us and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible!

Chat, Email, or Phone Call!

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